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FlyTech drone service is a branch from Panther Eye Photography that specializes in aerial

photography and videography for Real Estate, Cinematography, and aerial inspections for insurance.

Founded in July of 2022, Kyle Gonzalez is taking his drone skills and putting them in action more for aerial use just as he would for photography!

For your needs in drone services contact FlyTech drone service!

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Why hire a Drone Pilot?

With where technology is taking us in media, drones have allowed content creators, construction companies, insurance companies, public safety, farming, have a better efficient way to execute their missions. Drones give you the opportunity to have quality over your work!

Drone Knowledge

Hiring a drone pilot is an easy process! We work to get that amazing vision of what you're looking for, however; sometimes the job for the drone pilot may have an obstacle that requires extended time for the job to occur. In light of this; I prepared some notes on why a scheduling extension may be necessary!

(All projects very depending on job location)

Authorized Airspace

Controlled airspace is the secured area from the surface to 10,000ft designated for airports, military fly zones, or private airports.

They differ by Class airspace:

Class B (AGl-10,000ft)

Class C (AGL-4,00ft)

Class D (AGL-2,500ft)

and Class G & E (potential Free airspace)

A drone pilot is authorized at an altitude of 400ft

To not get into a whole school lesson all you need to understand is, depending on location the drone pilot may need approval to fly in these areas that aren't Class G.

An LAANC can be a quick process approval, like not even 1 minute! however a Class D will need a week long application for a drone pilot to get approval.


Under Part 107 rules, a drone has limits on where to be flown. Specific operations that may have the sUAS deviate from part 107, the drone pilot will have to request a waiver from the FAA.

These waivers allow drone pilots to deviate from certain rules under part 107 by demonstrating they can still fly safely using alternative methods.


  • Flown over people or vehicles
  • Flown near stadium
  • Operated in a moving car
  • Certain night operation

These are just to name a few. A waiver request may take within 90 days of submission.

Again understand these are necessary actions needed to make a successful flight mission!


An obvious one! Weather can be an irritating obstacle to planning a flight operation.

  • Rainy weather
  • Windy weather
  • Humidity
  • Hot weather
  • Cold Weather

Can affect the performance of the aircraft. The pilot will be the one to make the call if the job will happen or not.

however; we understand nature will have an unforeseeable occurrence so with Flytech Drone Service an alternative date will be set before any last minute rescheduling. so this obstacle won't be the biggest downside.