Just Photos


<2,399 sqft

25 HDR photos
Full Interior and Exterior of property & landscape
1 hour

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Individual Services


Drone Photos & Video

Along with the uniqueness of having skyview images of the property, An eye grabbing video shows the beauty of the land the home is on.
10 Images and I will create a 1-2 minute video of the property.
Delivery of the video will be within 2 days

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Rescheduling Fee: $20

In the event home isn't yet ready or something came up last minute for shoot needing to be rescheduled a rescheduling fee will be applied

Cancellation Fee: $80

This will only apply if photographer has already arrived at the property and begun photos. Sudden cancellation from the agent will result in the $80 cancellation fee. *Agents obligation to pay for photos will not be required.*


How do I book you for a property shoot?

Once you've feel that we qualify to take your photos, fill out an inquiry on the contact page! When we receive your inquiry I will contact with you to discuss what date your looking to have a session. You can also email me at Kyle@panthereyephotography.com

How soon do I receive the photos?

Agents take seniority for fast delivery. Your listing photos will be sent to you the following day of the shoot.

Can I request for retouches?

Yes you may! Sometimes a room needs more light or a little more adjusting, no problem.

Does the home HAVE to be in clean condition?

Believe it or not I've been in homes that were NOT in photo condition. Toilets not installed, dusty countertops, unfinished paint job, grass not cut, bugs on the floor... Never devalue your quality as a real estate agent I would always suggest making sure the home is ready for photos.

If the home isn't clean, will you still take pictures?

I will notify you about the off condition of the home and confirm if you wish for me to continue or reschedule. If you wish to reschedule I will charge a rescheduling fee.

Do I have to be at the property for the photos?

I recommend for agents to be present for the photos however it isn't always necessary.

When do I pay you?

Payment is due once I deliver the product and you're satisfied with the photos.