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Hello my name is Kyle Gonzalez!

Your professional third wheel who has the creative passion to tell your story. I started my wedding journey three years ago when my cousin asked me to photoshoot her wedding. Needless to say while as nervous as I was, I enjoyed the memory I was creating in the moment. As a creative I look to build a story about your big day. Not just the wedding but about you two. One that can be visually seen and preserved for many years to come.

Lets get this wedding party started!

The Process!

Selecting your package

Seeking a Photographer or Videographer that fits your style is one thing and selecting a package is another game. I want to make sure that I am right for you! My style focus on a warm tone with focus on candid in the moment setups. I look for the fun and serious that happens throughout the day.

I never take shots for the sake of just taking shots. When I see family crying tears of joy, laughter, and the candid environment of family coming together making jokes and laughing *click* that moment is captured!

Through my images is the not only the day of your wedding but the story of how you and your fiance got to this point!

My packages differ from the hours needed to cover the event, additional help, and the delivery of your photos.

This is your day and what you invest in should reflect what you'll get out of it.

My quality will always remain the same no matter the package.

Consultation & Booking

So now that you're confident on hiring me as your wedding photographer, (Yay!!) now its time for a consultation!

These are common but a consultation is where both parties looking to do business together set up a meeting to discuss the day, any questions they have and have a good sense of expectation. Thats what this is!

Difference between most photographers is some won't meet the client until the day of the wedding or communication was only done via email, call or text.

I on the other hand like to set up an online or in person meeting months before your big day. This is to establish a good sense of friendship and trust between both parties. Learning about my clients to get a sense of what to capture on the event, better helps my work effort. So we'll talk, joke, go through details etc. For the client they'll get a good impression that better helps their booking. Speaking of which!

Once the meeting is complete and a final confirmation is decided to move forward. I'll then send over the proposal that contains the contract and booking deposit. When everything is done, booking your wedding photographer is complete!!!

Day of the wedding

Today is the day! All details of the wedding would have been previously discussed and expected once everyone arrives.

With the itinerary, I follow through my routine of gathering detailed shots of the venue, bride and groom final dress up.

On the day of the wedding I'm out gathering the moments I set out to capture. Constantly moving around at some point i'm like a Panther in the jungle!

Throughout the day I communicate with you regarding if everything is on schedule or if we need to improvise for something. Just always keeping the communication!

Delivery of Photos & Video!!!

The night is over and I already miss ya'll.

After 4 weeks of editing and fixing up the gallery, communication starts up one last time for me to send the private gallery.

*If your package includes a print album or you put an order for one, another consultation to begin creation will be set up after gallery is sent over.*

After final payment is made and when you receive the gallery all will have finally been completed! I await your amazing responses, and social media tags.


Mr. and Mrs. Fricker

"I enjoyed working with Kyle. He was friendly, and was great at listening to our requests/suggestions for the photos. He reached out several times prior to the wedding date, and was checking up to make sure all is well. On the wedding day, he was on time and ready to go. He stayed until we were certain he took all the photos we wanted. He worked quickly and showed us our the finished product faster than we expected. We are glad to have him as our photographer."
- Katrina Fricker

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Feel free to reach out to me personally with your questions! I look forward to talking with you.


Cell: (210)275-1755