Meet Kyle Gonzalez


Hi! My name is Kyle. My career choice as a Photographer started the moment I reached the end of highschool. From taking photos of landscapes, friends and family members... I saw a potential in it. I'd get enjoyment looking at others best moments through out their lives and figured " why not be there to create/capture others moments?" Thus making the choice to be within the industry and creating P.E.P!
Here we are now! With a growing portfolio that continues to grow.

Contact Info

Cell: (210) 275-1755


FAQ : Payment and contracts

How do I pay you?

Cash or credit card are perfectly acceptable! You can also pay me through Paypal, or Cash app!

When do I pay you? Before or After the shoot?

Payment must be paid in full either 1 week BEFORE or on the day of the shoot. This does include the added on fees (if you requested it) such as added locations, rushed photos and added hour to the shoot.

But if I pay you before, how will I know if I'll get my photos or if like them?

This is understandable and I don't blame you for being cautious. I myself would ask the same question. However; I would never put my name or brand on the line to scam anyone. You chose me because you were impressed with the quality of my work and that is what you will receive! During the session I will show you sneak peeks of the photos, giving you a sense of how everything is going and building that trust with you. You'll like the photos before you're given the final collection!

Do I pay for the permit of location?

Most locations desired by clients may require photo permits. If this is a factor then it is required for the client to pay for the photo permit of the location.

Do I have to sign a contract? If so why?

YES. A one time contract secures the hold of the date booked for your session and my services needed. Time is precious and much like you I am putting time out of my schedule to take your photos. The contract also secures your agreement to pay on time and/or in the event of cancellation, I am still getting compensation.

FAQ: Planning and Day of the shoot

Do you choose the location?

Everyones different with what they would like to have as a setting for their photos. I will give suggestions of places I have previously done photos in and give a clearer idea for the client. If you would like me to then I will but in the end its up to what you feel comfortable with.

Do you pick the day of the shoot?

So this one can be a bit funky. the short answer is YES, however; in order to get a well coordinate booking I will have to know what times you're free and how soon you're looking to have the session.

What if other relatives want to be in the shoot last minute?

This is fine if its direct family and it's not an outrageous number of persons. 1 to 2 at most. However the agreements of who will be participating are final once contract is signed. Otherwise no photos will be taken of last minute members.

Can we bring props? our pet?

Yes! and YES! These are your photos whatever, you feel that can make the photos pop! enjoyable and fun I highly encourage! My favorite sessions are when we have things to work with.

FAQ: Delivery

How will I receive my photos?

Digitally! Providing me with your email or phone # I'll send you a link hosted by a site called Pixieset! When you open the link... immediately you will be taken to a collection I created holding the top photos from your session. you are provided a PIN and there you are able to download indiviually or entire collection.